6 Jun

Father’s day is fast approaching and I still haven’t really thought about what I am going to get for my husband! A is still a little young to choose for herself so it is down to me. She will of course be making her own card. There is nothing cuter or more precious. In all honestly this is all that is really required on Father’s Day…… But as is the same for me on Mothers Day, it’s always nice to get a little present too!

There are loads of gift ideas for Father’s Day, I am sure you are already inundated with emails and adverts trying to tempt you to a specific item – be it a personalised key ring or family photo shoot – The question is which will you go for, if any?

Here are some Mumzynot ideas that will hopefully provide some further inspiration. (N.B I’m not a big fan of the Father’s-Day-themed gift, unless it’s stylish….)

Personalised leather bracelet. Babes With Babies, £39.

Two-tone Flip Flops, Gucci £72

Men Gift Set, L’Occitane £39 (usually £66)

Men’s WILTON Shoe, UGG Australia £80

Brynmore Keyring, Mulberry £70

Numbered socks, Hackett £40

The One Minute Father Book. £7.99






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