11 Jun

Packing for holiday is both exciting and stressful. I emphasize stressful as I am packing for two, under a strict weight limit! (Thanks Ryanair!) I emphasize excitement as we are off to Italy for a wedding!

Thankfully I have my wedding outfit sorted (that’s the main thing!?) and A is a bridesmaid so I don’t even need to think about hers. The rest needs to be seaside-suitable with a few glam looks for evening soirees.

If you are off on your holidays soon and wondering what to take with a little on in tow – Here are some Mumzynot suitcase-essentials. I have learnt that as long as I remember these few items for A, nothing else really matters…You can always just go shopping when you get there :)

Enjoy your holiday!



We can't live without Noo Noo. Do not forget that favorite teddy, comforter, muslin . Whatever works to settle and soothe your little one, must be in your case!


Child's Farm top-to-toe cleaning kit. Travel size. Don't rely on supermarket products abroad as you don't know what nasties they may contain.

A sleeping bag is essential to keep warm and cosey under air conditioning. aden + anais have the perfect lightweight style.

A snoozeshade. Perfect for sleeping, shade and acts as anti-mosquito!

I never thought I would EVER say this, but a pair of crocs! They are the perfect beach shoe for little ones on the go. Lightweight, breathable and easily on and off. Style does not come into it when talking Crocs - Just keep them for the beach and play.

Clarins Sun milk for children and babies. 100% mineral sun cream, water resistant and just delicious. It's only £18.


A cashmere scarf or pashmina. A fold-to-nothing stylish accessory for you, or blanket for your little one. Perfect for keeping snuggled on the plane and in the evenings.

P.S don’t forget food and snacks for the plane. (Taking into account restrictions. If you have pouches in your hand luggage that’s fine, just be prepared to taste!) Same goes for water and milk in kiddies bottles.) Make sure you have a spare plane outfit to hand and a cosey cardigan or jumper. I also like to take slippers or slipper-socks…A doesn’t sit still for long but it’s not comfortable having to wear shoes the whole journey. Finally, plenty of wipes, nappies and nappy bags!












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