9 Jul

Since I had A I have found myself mostly shopping for her. There is nothing more fun that styling your very own mini-me. However, in the last few month I have started to enjoy shopping for myself a lot more. I  guess after nearly two years I feel completely happy with my post pregnancy figure and therefore happy to invest in my own wardrobe again. They do say it takes time to get back to being yourself after having a baby.- I am now well and truely back in the swing.

My latest treat to myself was just ment-to-be, found in the Harrods sale when I was visiting instore to change a pair of sandals for A. I have been looking for the perfect pair of gold pumps for absolutely ages. It’s true what they say, you always find the best when you are not really looking.

These glitter-soled beauties by Miu Miu are utterly divine I think you will agree? What is even better is that they were the price of something you might find in Kurt Geiger! Now you know why I just had to treat myself. How stupid not to!?




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