1 Aug

When I was pregnant comfort was key, but it was also important to retain my sense of style. One of my favorite everyday looks was what I would describe as boyfriend-chic. Loose sweaters, oversized tops and comfy jogger-style pants or soft jersey trousers. When it came to dresses I was more at home in t-shirt or jumper styles. I also had my favorite pair of maternity jeans and a wear-with-everything knit poncho. For me there was no room for fussy prints or fancy materials (except on special occasions when a statement piece was required).

With this in mind I would like to draw your attention to the current ASOS maternity collection.  Affordable, extensive and for the most part stylish. There is a look for every occasion. Most importantly they offer exactly what I like when it comes to dad-to-day maternity dressing. They also have some stunning occasion wear and office pieces, but I will save that for another post.

For now, this is what I am talking about.

Boyfriend Tee

Raglan sleeve jersey top

Ribbed v-neck jumper

jogger pants

tube pants with side-zip detail

Stripe jersey dress






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