2 Aug

I introduced you the the Babyzen YOYO a while back and at the time was keen to get my hands on one to test-drive. We travel a lot with A, both long and short haul and the YOYO looked like just the perfect stroller for travelling. Well good news, on our last trip to Italy this month I was lucky enough to get one sent over to sample.

I loved it. Infact the YOYO went beyond my expectations. Not only is it lightweight, compact and comfortable for A, but it’s uber-stylish. It’s smooth and sleek both in looks and manoeuvrability whilst still being able to fold (one handed) down to the size of a small hand-luggage. Folded the YOYO measures just 52 x 44 x 18 cm and easily fits into the planes overhead locker. This is incredible. No more waiting for your stroller to come through with the over-sized luggage, which always seems to take an absolute age! No more damage in transit and no more lugging a little one around the airport.

Being such a small package makes the YOYO equally as practical when you are packing the car. I don’t know about you, but we do not travel lightly and up until this last trip it has always been a real struggle to squeeze everything into the car boot. (To give you an idea, our boot belonged to a Range Rover, so pretty big. Like I said we don’t travel light!) This time around we had no such trouble and the same applied at the other end. This immediately makes any journey far less stressful.

As well as the ultimate travel stroller the YOYO is perfect for city living. At first glance it resembles a Bugaboo Bee – chic and fashionable, but with added benefits. It really comes into its own in busy towns and cities. In Italy we like to go to local Sagras. One of our favorites is in Colonella – A picturesque old Italian town, with lots of steps. With the YOYO in tow, steps, a toddler and their stroller are no longer a problem. A was happy to walk/be carried to the top, whilst my husband quickly folded up the buggy and carried it up with the help of the shoulder strap. Just like a bag really? I can see this working in a similar way on a crowded bus or train, or if you are meeting friends for lunch and there is limited space by your table for a buggy. (Also great on the tube, if you need to go to a station without a lift.)

The Babyzen YOYO is only suitable from six months and it’s not cheap, it retails at just over £300, but I would strongly recommend spending that little bit extra if you are looking for a second everyday buggy, live in a city or like to travel. For me the YOYO has gone to the top of my must-have second-buggy list.












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