7 Aug

In our house my husband is the chef. He is a real foodie and when it comes to grown-up suppers he likes nothing more than to plan the evenings meal, look for recipes and food inspiration online and subsequently send me the shopping list. He is a really good cook and could easily have his own restaurant. My only complaint is that sometimes, after a difficult day, the last thing I want to do is hit the supermarket (toddler in tow) looking for random ingredients!  I am also not keen on my title when he is in the kitchen –  ’pot wash’ ! Why is it than men are the messiest cooks?  Here is an example of a typical meal. Kinda makes up for it?!

When it comes to A’s supper, meal planning and cooking is down to me. I never used to be that bothered about food or cooking. I have always been too impatient to cook a proper meal for myself and would tend to just grab whatever was easiest. When I did decide to cook, more often than not, I would get distracted and forget I had even put anything in the oven! However, since becoming responsible for someone else, having a little mouth to feed, I have become so much better. I am no gourmet cook, but I do find myself actually enjoying cooking and now have quite an extensive repertoire. I like to prepare healthy, homemade, organic and free range, wherever possible. It is so important to make sure our little ones eat healthily and I have discovered it is also actually really easy!

With this in mind I just wanted to share last nights supper. Homemade chicken pie. (I didn’t make the pastry, there is no need when you can buy it fresh and pre-made!?) I didn’t follow a recipe either, just threw together some key ingredients – Onions, chicken breast, courgettes and carrots – all cooked together in a pan with a little stock and light seasoning. Once reduced down to a thick, pie-filling, consistency I simply layered the pastry into a baking tray, poured in the filling and adding the remaining pastry-lid. As you can see it’s not the best looking pie, but it tasted yummy and A happily gobbled it down.  She can be very difficult when it comes to food so I take this as a huge compliment. (My husband sampled the leftovers in the fridge and was equally impressed.)

Perhaps I should write my own recipe book, easy-peasy cooking for kids, by Chef Mumzynot…What do you think?

Make sure you follow me on instagram for more food inspiration. You will also see I am getting better at cooking grown-up meals when required. My anniversary supper of Salmon and roasted veg was delicious.




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