27 Aug

Since I had A (over two years ago now) it had always been really tricky to find designer-led baby clothes at highstreet prices. If you love fashion and want to create a cute and stylish wardrobe for your little one you have to be prepared to spend.  I am talking Caramel Baby and Child, Bonpoint, Marie-Chantal, where just one item can cost up to £100. Don’t get me wrong, I adore these brands, but unfortunately I just cannot not justify it. (More than one or two times.) Babies grow so quickly.

Thankfully, today things are a little different. Just like the highstreet is able to recreate designer looks for grown-ups, it is also now starting to do the same for kids and babywear. I do wonder why it has taken so long, but at-last, Yippee!

One such brand, that has always been a favourite of mine (for both myself and A) is Zara. Have you seen their latest mini-me collection? It’s gorgeous and just what I am talking about. Muted colour-ways in simple classic cuts without a cartoon motif or bright colour in sight. Whether it be a little jean romper, basic cardi or cotton shirt, you can now create the perfect chic little wardrobe for your baby without breaking the bank. Zara-mini will definitely be my go-to for baby no.2……

Take a peak, you can shop online. Ages range from 0-3 months to 14 years.





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