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As a beauty obsessive I like to keep in the loop when it comes to the latest new products – whether it be a miracle face cream, hot new nail colour or must-have hair treatment. Just a few days ago Elemis launched an exciting new range that I feel is worthy of a Mumzynot mention: The Pro-Intense Lift Effect System. A pioneering new range of firming and lifting creams that help to improve the skins tone and elasticity.

As a busy mum to an energetic toddler and now in the second trimester of pregnancy number two, a strict beauty regime has never been more important. There is no time to faff around with lots of different lotions so it’s important for me to make sure I am using a few key products. I am a religious cleanse, tone and moisturise kinda girl and I have my favourites for each step. However, up until now I did not bother with a specialist night cream, instead relying on my daily moisturiser. I was aware that I did need to start thinking about anti-aging ingredients however, with the philosophy in mind that prevention is better than cure. After a number of recommendations from friends in the industry, I was just about to invest in the iconic Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum. This seemed to be the No.1 in night-time facial care? Then Elemis Pro-Intense Lift-Effect night cream arrived on my doorstep. I have yet to look back. I have a strong feeling this will also be giving Estee Lauder a run for their money…

Elemis pro-intense-lift-effect 30 day facial treatment

Pro-Intense Lift-Effect Night Cream

I would describe my skin type as normal to dry and this cream seems to suit perfectly. I have been applying a small layer each night for the past few weeks and have definitely noticed an improvement in my skins tone. It appears brighter and feels much smoother, dare I even say it, firmer. Pro-Intense night cream is ultra moisturising. It’s thick in consistencyso just a small amount goes a very long way. This makes the £95 RRP well worth the investment. One 50ml pot will last a good few months, a lot longer than any serum. My first anti-ageing night cream, now a firm part of my skincare.

On-top of the night cream I have also been lucky enough to test the Elemis specialist 30 day facial treatment. A super advanced lift effect, firming system, designed to ‘define the cheeks and jawline while shaping and firming facial contours. It combines cutting edge plant stem cells, nutrient rich lipids and protective plant actives for clinically proven results.’ I am half way through, so far so good.

The treatment includes 30 ampules of plant actives. You use half in the morning and half at night in combination with a gel mask that hooks over the ears. The mask contains active ‘arjuna’ to tighten the cheek and chin area and should be used once a week. After each application you finish the process with the Pro-Intense night cream.  This is what I would call an at-home facial, far more intense than anything you can get at the Spa. The system retails at £150, but that’s a facial every day for a month! This would be the perfect treat post-baby to help your skin recover and get back that beautiful glow.

Elemis Pro-Intense-Lift Effect is available now and you can purchase online, so you don’t even need to leave the house. Let me know how you get on?

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  1. Barb - Elemis Fan October 18, 2013 at 7:54 am #

    This is a great product at a great price when you consider what you get out of it.

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