26 Sep

OK so you know I am a big Bugaboo fan, and I do still love my Chameleon. But there is new a rival in town, one that I feel I must draw your attention to – Hello, Joolz. Ergonomically designed, ultra-stylish and 100% baby and parent-friendly. (Well almost, the only fault I can see is perhaps a slightly small shopping basket.)

Up until last week I had only seen a Joolz from the distance, parked outside a Kensington highstreet cafe. I was aware of the brand after Nell McAndrew tweeted it, and soon discovered Sienna Miller owns one, but I had yet to experience the delight of a Joolz stroller first-hand. This all changed when last week I was flown over to Amsterdam for a press event. After meeting Joolz and learning all about this brand, my opinion as to who deserves the crown in the ultimate travel system, might well be changing….

So Joolz must be pretty special right? I think it is. Created by two (very handsome) non-dads (!?) after extensive market research into what parents felt they were missing, perhaps the ultimate in baby transportation was brought to life.  This is a travel system that seems to tick all the boxes – One handed folding function, fully extendable handle between 100-120cm, retractable foot rest for taller babies, breathable side panels, hypoallergenic mattress and carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping, multi-terrain, ultra stylish, ultra-luxe. Think limited editions, fashion-led colorways and hand stitched leatherette handle with matching safety bar. (Much like that of your favorite Celine.) Attention to details is second to none.  And all of this has been created under the umbrella of ‘positive design’ – ‘The smart ergonomic design helps maintain correct posture and gives maximum support to you and your baby. Complete and comfortable. For tall parents and small spaces or the other way around.’ No wonder Joolz is already the market leader in the Netherlands and is now set to become the biggest player in the rest of Europe.

Oh, and soon you be able to create your very own bespoke design with the Joolz Day tailor studio, just about to launch online and in selected stores. How cool is that?!

So far so good? Well there is more. Joolz is more than just another stylish-mummy status symbol. Joolz is a lifestyle choice, designed to support and enhance the life of both parents and their little ones through it’s design as well as it’s ethos. This is a brand with a very strong environmental awareness and an extremely green work ethic. As-well as recycling packaging, use of electric cars and supporting organic wherever possible, Joolz have also created the Birth Forrest initiative. With the birth of every Joolz baby a tree is planed in the Amazon. After visiting the HQ and meeting the team I can honestly say I experienced a warm and close-knit group of people that really do care about their customers and their brand. They are more than conscious of giving something back.

Last, but by no means least, Joolz are just about to launch an exciting new and interactive website. As well as showcasing their products you can tune in for mum-to-be exercise videos or catch up on the latest health tips and newborn advice. Like I said, Joolz is more than just a brand.

P.S I have also heard on the grape vine that a Joolz double-buggy is on the horizon….watch this space.


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