3 Oct

One of my favorite things to shop for at the moment is a new changing bag. I am a bag obsessive with an extensive collection. From Mulberry to Chanel, I have a tote, clutch or messenger for every occasion. (Your bag (and shoes) make an outfit don’t you know!?) So it’s no surprise that my range of arm candy also includes a vast selection of designer baby-bags. Why would I want to ruin Alexa or Willow with spilt milk and crumbling breadsticks when I can carry something equally as chic that comes with removable and washable lining?

I am lucky enough to have been gifted a number of designer changing bags, but I have also invested myself in many others. I must make it clear I only rave about those ‘gifts’ I actually love. No offence, but i’m not a huge fan of anything floral, spotty or canvas. To me a changing bag must not scream ‘baby’. It should be stylish and chic,  complimenting a look, not clashing with it. Practicality is also key, but I think that kinda goes without saying?

One favourite brand, as you know already, is Il Tutto,  and their newly launched ‘Frankie’ has been highly anticipated. Trust me carrying an Il Tutto is like owning a Hermes where new-mums are concerned. It can cause serious bag envy. (Note as much as many love it, I always remove the leather teddy, just not my thing.) So you can imagine my delight when I received my very own Frankie a few weeks ago, ready for use with baby #2. I also got my hands on one in Tan that you will see I have subsequently given-away - I like to keep my readers happy. As you can imagine this lucky winner was extremely happy.

For me pictures speak a thousands words, so I don’t think I need to say any more really. Looks pretty good huh?

Happy shopping mammas.


Jess x






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