17 Oct

The Valentino rockstud is perhaps the most coveted shoe right now (I would just love a pair. Santa?). A pointy heel, or flat for that matter, is the perfect footwear of choice for that up-to-the-minute style injection.

We might not all have a spare £600, so to my delight I have just spotted these cute flatties in Zara, that are very Valentino!? I wonder if they are going to bring out a heeled version too?

Short, but very sweet.


Jess x


One Response to “STEAL VS SPREE”

  1. Minna October 22, 2013 at 7:52 am #

    Hi Jess, nice to find your blog! :-) Love rockstuds but that’s one of those items I’m not willing to invest in as I’m not sure how long lasting that style will be so thanks for the tip!

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