25 Oct

This time last pregnancy, at just over 20 weeks, I had already purchased a number of newborn outfits for expectant bundle. I knew we were having a little girl and could not wait to get shopping! Inevitable many of those purchases remained unworn. So, second time around, things are very different. To date I have not purchased one single thing?!

I am being very sensible (some may say boring) and taking my time in putting together my new, newborn, wardrobe. From experience I now know that there is no need to go overboard with outfits – skirts and dresses for example are a waste of time. The best investments for those first few months (whether you are team blue, pink, or yellow) should be of quality and comfort. (and of course style.) Onsies, rompers and chunky knits should be your go-to. Anything fussy is a no-no and baby shoes, forget it. Instead look to knitted booties and socks which are far more comfortable, and I think way cuter for teeny tiny toes. For that precious new skin think cashmere, wool and organic cotton wherever possible. This need not be expensive, some of my favorite high-street brands offer exactly that. One tip, check the care instructions. Handwashing is not an option with a newborn in the mix.

I may not have actually brought anything yet, but I have of course been looking. As March approaches I will have finalized my second, first, little wardrobe. For a winter baby I am finding myself mostly draw to whites and grey’s, they are also the perfect unisex hues. The following cuties from some of my favorite babywear brands are all strong contenders.


Jess x

La Coqueta hooded jacket £39.60

Magnolia Pima baby cotton delivery sleepsuit £40

Caramel Baby and Child Finham wool jumper £75

Zara mini Romper £17.99

Susie and Toto Teresa £75

Cottage-Toys Aravore organic booties £19.99

Natures purest Pure Love bunny booties £14






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One Response to “A NEWBORN WARDROBE”

  1. Kara October 29, 2013 at 8:12 am #

    This is so true and you become even more cautious by number 3. With my son (eldest) I had over 40 outfits for newborn, when he was born he was very tiny and non of them fit, he ended up being under 7lb till he was over 4 months old, so by the time he hit newborn seasons had changed and he barely wore a thing.
    Everyone assumed when I had a girl next I would go shopping mad but I didn’t want to waste money not knowing her size and how quick she would grow. My poor 3rd son had only 3 outfits in his wardrobe the day he was born and tbh even now at 4 months he has very little as he grows so quickly I don’t want to buy things he shall not wear. I think once they hit one and slow down you feel more willing xx

    Some gorgeous choices, I love the 1st grey cardigan x

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