31 Oct

This cute little fellow has just arrived in the UK, all the way from Hollywood. Drool Monkey, as coveted by many a celebrity baby, is set to be a sell out, and you heard it here first.

Drool monkey is the latest must have teether, comforter, rattle, muslin and baby’s first snuggle, all-in-one. Made from 100% organic materials without a trace of toxic dye, chemical nasties or synthetic fabrics –  Just simple and pure.  Practical, functional and fashionable this little guy is set to give Sophie Le Giraffe a real run for her money.

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely going to get my hands on one for #2. At just £20 it would be rude not to. What’s even better (as you know, I often harp on about this) eco-all-the-way. I think this would make a great little Christmas gift or baby shower present too, so bear that in mind if you are looking for ideas.

Available to buy at Cinnamon and Sue.


Jess x

Selma Blair, baby Arthur and Drool Monkey



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