22 Nov

A friend of mine recently asked me what changing bag I would recommend. She wants to treat a friend to something nice and spend a reasonable amount. I jumped at the chance to offer my advice. (I am also thinking of getting a new one, so research is for my benefit also.)

First off, personally, there are only three brands worth considering when it comes to baby bags – Sugarjack, Il Tutto and Storksak. They are market leaders for a reason. Stylish, chic and practical, without a hint of baby.  There is also a new contender in the mix, Baby Beau. I would like to say I discovered this brand myself, but in this instance it was actually said friend that introduced me. (It seem she doesn’t really need my advice after all.)

Since having my daughter over two years ago I have owned, used and continue to love, bags from all brands (except BabyBeau.) In all honesty when it comes to practicality they are  all much or a muchness, and what it comes down to is personal preference. Looks are the deciding factor, just like any regular handbag.

This season has seen an injection of new styles and after careful consideration I have managed to narrow my choice of favourites down to four. One of which I do in fact already own, a gift in anticipation of #2. (What? You can have more than one changing bag you know. How many handbags have you got?!)

It wasn’t intentional but as with all my handbag purchases I tend to go for the classic colours, especially when I am spending a fair amount. In this case my top picks are all black. Perhaps that is a reflection of my mood right now (damn you builders that have taken over my house for the past three months) or perhaps it’s the style savviness in me – Each bag is intended for use before, during and after pregnancy so it pays to be timeless.

The ball is now in my friends court, I wonder which, if any, she will choose….Which would you pick?


Jess x

Sugarjack Bea

Il Tutto Frankie

BabyBeau Ellie




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