28 Dec

I have finally purchased the first few pieces for number 2. I always said I would wait for the sales so am pleased I managed to resist until now. At just over seven months nesting has already kicked in. (Seems earlier this time?) My morning was spent sorting through A’s old newborn clothes and realising that actually I do need some additions. She was a summer baby, this one will arrive at the beginning of March. It might be snowing – I have nothing warm, or cosey.

So, you might have seen on my Instagram, This afternoon I invested in two super cute knitted pieces from Stella McCartney Kids. An adorable blue romper and some wear-with-everything wollen leggings. I also clicked home a gorgeous grey cable knit cardi from The Little White Company, a couple of winter sleepsuits, and another knitted cardi from Petite Bateau. Oh, and some Marie Chantal cashmere. This time around It’s all about quality rather than quantity. So many of the things I brought first time, I have no idea what I was thinking?!

That’s it so far… I don’t need much more really. Just some outerwear, booties, woolly socks, a few more knits, a bit more cashmere and some extra wool, perhaps? Who am I kidding. I just can’t help it!


Jess x


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