23 Jan

A perfect combination of statement and style. Madderson London’s Darcy Dress, my new favorite piece from the current collection.

I am not usually one to go for a print, not really sure why, I just always seems to pick something in a block colour. After slipping on the ML Darcy shift however, I think I have been converted. There is just something about this elegant combination of black and beige that works. Even with an expanding (32 week) baby bump, that initial fear of a print adding pounds and looking frumpy was sent right to the back of my mind.  I am not sure how, but this dress actually makes me look, and feel, less pregnant. Less big. You can’t argue with that.

I wore my new Darcy dress for the first time over the weekend for a brunch at the Dukes Hotel. The birth place of the James bond martini, shaken not stirred, was the perfect venue to showcase such a chic statement print and my fourth ML style diary look. (Note to self, must pop back there post birth to sample those martini’s.) Paired with a black coat, tights and those fabulous rockstuds again, there was no hint of maternity about me. I choose to style Darcy without the waist tie, I tried it both ways and just felt without worked best. I do tend to prefer a looser style and you know I love over-sizing, so wearing it without was just me. If you prefer to enhance your bump then the tie will probably be your preference. Of-course both ways look just as fabulous. I must also point out the generous button front which I wore partially undone. Either way, buttoned up for a more formal occasion(business meeting, press event) or as I opted loose and sexy with some skin on show – this clever design will make breastfeeding effortless. Who would have though something so chic could be worn as a nursing new mum?

My look on this occasion was relatively low key, thanks to the tights and black overcoat, but being such a versatile piece next time I might choose to pair with a heel and bare legs. Martini’s with the girls, sounds good to me. Roll on March.


Jess x


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