17 Feb

As B-day is fast approaching I am starting to think about nursing, and more importantly nursing attire. You think it’s hard to remain stylish whilst pregnant, that’s nothing compared to the same challenge if you are planning to breastfeed. Enter the shirt. Buttons and breastfeeding are the perfect combination.

I have to tell you there are basically no chic breastfeeding clothes out there. The likes of Babes with Babies and Isabella Oliver have some options, basic vests with those pull down-clips, poncho’s and knits. I lived in my foxy feeders for example. Other than that it’s all still pretty Mumzy and you won’t find me in any of it any time soon. What I will be wearing once little one arrives, like I said, is a rotation of my favourite shirts. As well as one or two new additions.

Spot-print Topshop, Silver striped shirt Unique, Reese plaid wash shirt Equipment , MAO collar shirt Mango. Polka dot blouse & other stories




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