24 Feb

It’s coming to that time again, new shoes for A. I love shoes and love shopping for mini-shoes. Spring is in the air and Summer just around the corner, which means those wear-with-all winter boots will soon become redundant. Even though this makes me a little bit sad, knowing those favourites will never get worn again (they grow too fast), it is also super exciting shopping for those new additions.

Thankfully children’s footwear has come a long way. Clarks?! This makes mini-shoe shopping a lot easier, but at the same time a lot harder. Being sensible you can’t go too mad (like I said they grow too fast) but boy is it hard. Having a general shop around, on-line and in store, there are so many pairs I just have to have for A.

This is what I am talking about. Now do you see what I mean!?


Jess x

Star Blucher, Zara kids

Pink jelly cat, Mini Melissa

Amber, Caramel baby and Child

Jelly Sandals, Project Jelly

Peacock-print, French Blossom Boutique

Ava, Papouelli

Clare, Startrite shoes

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