26 Mar

As an Elemis fan I love receiving their latest goodies. From my hospital bag to my bathroom cabinet Elemis is a main presence, and these new Limited Edition Cellular recovery Skin Bliss Capsules have just taken over as the favorite. I am 100% in love with this product. I would never usually look twice at ‘skin capsules’ they always seemed to fussy. but after testing them out there is literally no going back.

As a set of two, Rose for day and Lavender by night, you simply apply one capsule pre-moisturise. (Squeeze out the oil and rub in your palms, then smooth over cleansed and toned skin.) As well as the most gorgeous scent, immediately after applying your skin just glows. And that glow lasts all day. This is an anti-aging product, I say a beauty must-have. Now with newborn, and full on sleepless nights (!) I swear by these little guys. I may look tired, but my skin is still glowing.

As described by Elemis : (I don’t usually ‘cut and paste’ but in this instance the below just sums it up perfectly.)

The Rose capsules hydrate, soften and stimulate endorphins during the day while the Lavender capsules help restore cell metabolism and maximise cell repair overnight. The antioxidant power of moringa oil is proven to be up to 1700% more powerful than that of other cosmetic oils. Moringa Oil helps to physically repair visible signs of ageing by sweeping clean the skin cell matrix, ridding it of harmful toxins and allowing nutrients to be absorbed more effectively.

Available in a limited edition box with handy travel-size containers Cellular Recover Skin Bliss Capsules should be on every girls wish-list. Added bonus: In celebration of their 10 year anniversary Elemis have partnered with ‘Well being of Women’. They will donate £15,000 to support the technological development of a ground breaking device for gynaecological surgery.


Jess x


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