23 Jun

Or in this case not so much…Would rather be back in Italy right now. Although thank you Mr. Sunshine for a very warm welcome home.

Sorry for my lack of posts over the last ten days. I had every intention to keep things going whilst away, but as is always the case I was too busy having fun. (You can always keep up with me on Instagram though.) Italy for us is like a home from home. A was there at just nine weeks old and this year was Evelyn’s début at twelve weeks. Just like her sister she was a star. If you can, I think it’s always best to get babies used to travelling from a young age. As long as you have a few essentials you need not worry about anything else. Babies are so adaptable.

My travel essentials for baby – aden + anais swaddles and muslins ( blanket, sheet, sun shade, changing mat and beach towel all-in-one) Gentle Giraffe white noise, Kurtis Babypeace sun shade, Child’s Farm 3 in 1 Swim, Petite Bateau vests, a pot of Sudocrem and Clarins Sun Care Milk for Children.

For A the list of essentials is pretty much non existent. The only thing we must not forget is her favourite snuggle, Noo Noo. Leaving him behind really would be a disaster!


Jess x








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