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21 Jul

I know I am probably extremely behind with my latest discovery but, in-case you are like me, thanks to baby and toddler distractions, I would like to introduce Liberty homeware. The tableware alone is just gorgeous. Dinner-party-décor upgrade anyone?

I must add, whilst we are here, liberty-print baby. The cutest cotton bloomers, blouses and dresses. And why not add a matching cotton bib to prettify the far from pretty weaning process? (Not long to go now...) It's at times like this I am so thankful I have girls.


Jess x

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15 Jul

I am slightly obsessed with teepee tents at the moment and this latest discovery has got me very excited. Youmi and Teepee have just the most perfect teepees.

Chic, stylish and absolute fun. Youmi elephant would have to be my first choice, the yellow and grey design would fit the playroom colour scheme perfectly. I am extremely tempted...


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14 Jul

Last week I received a new aden + anais summer-weight sleeping bag ready for our impeding holiday.

From experience I have learnt that the 1 tog sleeping bags are still far too hot for Mediterranean climates, and a sheet or light blanket just doesn't work as an alternative. Evelyn's latest trick is to wriggle anything covering her up over her face, so I wouldn't feel comfortable her sleeping in anything but a sleeping bag.  Aden + anais is the obvious answer. Soft, snuggly muslin that is as light as the lightest sheet - to keep her cosey yet cool.

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10 Jul

Let's face it, most of us are still reluctant to invest so much in a maternity wardrobe. Nine months, however long it feels, comes and goes pretty fast, and so most would rather spend in other areas than maternity-wear. Unfortunately however, being pregnant does require a number of essentials -  A pair of basic leggings, jeans and some ruching will always be in demand. So now is the best time to buy. Hello sales.

Favourite maternity labels (by now you should know who these are) have some great bargains to be had. Luckily I have done the hard work for you.

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8 Jul

Perhaps the ultimate in luxury maternity wear? Thank you Karl Lagerfeld for making pregnancy so glamorous.

Chanel with a baby bump. What woman wouldn't....?


Jess x


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7 Jul

As a shoe lover (what girl isn't?) having a mini-me is so much fun when it comes to styling those tiny-toes. A has an extremely extensive collection of shoes and E is not far behind. What is so great about having two girls is that investing in quality footwear means you can save them for number two. My idea being a good selection will mean no one pair gets worn to death, and remains in fabulous quality for little sis. Like my logic?

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2 Jul

Lori Blu is coming to a Sloane Street near you, and I for one am totally excited.

When I think of Italy I think style (and food). The Italians have both perfectly nailed on the head, and when it comes to fashion, or in this instance shoes, you can't really do any better than 'Made In Italy'. Lori Blu is what I would call the Italian Jimmy Choo. Not yet so famous over here in the UK, but once their flagship store opens (very soon) unrecognised will be a thing of the past.

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