23 Oct

We are off for some much needed winter sun in a couple of weeks and in preparation I have been searching for a few new editions for the girls. Luckily most of their summer wardrobe still fits, (thank goodness as it’s always impossible to buy summer clothes in the winter!) but one thing I do desperately need is swimwear, specifically UV cover-up types.

A will be able to go to kids-club this trip (yipee’s all around) so I feel it would be a good idea to invest in one or two of those UV rash vests. After a bit of google searching, ‘Kids UV sun-suits’ a good start, I discovered and well, I need look no further: Chic looking UVA cover-ups as well as some other stylish looking kids beachwear and matching swimsuits. I also love the little nappy pants. So cute baby might even get a couple of new bits. Great news they have a sale on then…


Jess x



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