22 Nov

Welcome home, and it’s back to the UK with a bump. (That’s six loads of washing so far in 24 hours.)

Upon my return I have also been busily sifting through emails. It’s always exciting to be introduced to new brands and products. One such that really caught my eye is Esthex. A cute Scandinavian brand created from the imagination of a little girl that grew up. Gorgeously detailed and animated characters created from re-discovered childhood illustrations.

Each character is carefully crafted with fair trade and ethics in mind. Made in Thailand within a humane and worker-friendly environment. A cute mouse family, stroller toys, rattles and musical friends, for your little ones to learn, love and play with. What’s not to like about that?

Esthex is something different. A unique and stylish brand that would make the perfect gift for a new baby. There are also some really gorgeous accessory items for kids, and grown-ups!. Watch this space, I have a feeling they will really fly…

P.S for me, Ned over Monty any-day. And he comes without the hefty price tag.


Jess x

Mouse family

Lily Pramcord

Freddy fish


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