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If looks could kill. I never though I would say this about a double-buggy, but Bugaboo have done it and i’m all eyes. The Bugaboo Donkey and in all-black. I love it.

I’m not in the market for a double-set of wheels but Bugaboo got in touch recently and asked me to give my thoughts. Because I liked what I saw so much, I have felt it worthy of a share. I must add here that I am a Bugaboo fan already, my Chameleon has lasted for two and is still going strong right now. All that was required for the transition between babies was a little face-lift. The genius behind Bugaboo’s inter-changeable accessories meaning you can get a whole new set – hood/seatline/footmuff/whatever you want, to give that feeling of a brand new stroller for every new addition.

For me, there aren’t any stroller brands that have managed a double version in the same way they have cracked a single travel-system. Just like Bugaboo’s original the Donkey appears to have it all:  Looks, size, manoeuvrability, style, it’s got to be the most coveted out their right? And did you know it’s actually not much bigger than the Chameleon, yet still manages to fit two? All you mums-of-two-to-be, how can you resist this baby, for your babies?

Pick yours up here.


Jess x




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