10 Dec

The hardest person to buy for at Christmas, it’s always the man? Why is that?

Dads are easy, and happy with most things, Brothers – the same goes really, you can never go wrong with clothes or some aftershave. But for him I find it a lot more challenging. You want something a little more, but without having to spend too much. (Unless you can afford that new Rolex.) So what am I thinking? Well I still don’t have anything decided, but I have stumbled across a few possibilities.

My latest discovery Tom Dixon has some really chic, contemporary gifts and home-wares. (I personally love all that brass. Those lights.) Specifically, the food or bar gift-set might be quite cool, if he’s into that kind of thing.  A mini jambox speaker by Jawbone is a nice idea if he’s into music. Alternatively, if you do want to go down the clothes route what about Son of a Tailor? – Tailor made T-shirts. There is nothing more sexy than a good-looking guy in the perfectly fitted T and jeans combo. I also love the idea of this leather and titanium saddle. I just need to get mine back into cycling…


Jess x


Tom Dixon cook Gift set

Tom Dixon bar gift set

Jawbone jambox bluetooth speaker

Son of tailor

Brooks England leather and titanium saddle



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