8 Jan

So I am no longer breastfeeding but when friends Babes With Babies asked to feature something gorgeous from their collection, I knew this was no matter. As a maternity and breastfeeding go-to of mine, when it comes to their clothing practicality is just a formality.

So, as it should, the Babes With Babies collection has several lovely pieces that appear in no-way baby/pregnancy/breastfeeding/new mum related, and after a quick search I picked something I have actually be looking for, for quite a while. – A chunky poncho-style cable-knit in that lovely shade of charcoal grey. (Currently my favourite colour.) As a breastfeeding piece (which is totally un-disclosed from first appearance) their is easy access with a jersey under-layer. It also gives that layering look thanks to the long sleeves. This is a piece that works perfectly with those leather leggings and skinny jeans. Chic, stylish and cosy. And did I mention it’s actually for those that are pregnant or breastfeeding? But as you can see that’s irrelevant, as it works just as well sartorially, even if your not.

Shop their nursing and maternity collection here. N.B their winter-knit is currently on sale….


Jess x



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