1 Mar

A few weeks back I was contacted by a producer of the BBC to see if I would be interested in taking part in a discussion on the ‘art of maternity dressing’ for radio 4′s Woman’s hour. This was an exciting email to be receiving, given there are many maternity and style blogs out there. Happily I accepted the offer. So stay tuned for that people….

Back to the point, and leading on from this quite appropriately – One of the questions the producer asked me during some telephone prep was whether there were any sites or sales for second hand maternity pieces, or maternity wear for those on a budget. A question poignant for the majority of pregnant women, who are un-able, or un-willing, to splash out on a whole new maternity wardrobe.  The next day my in-box popped up an invitation to a maternity and baby sample sale. So the answer to that one is a definite yes. Maternity wear and maternity style can still be accessible without having to break the bank. This specific sample sale features those most desirable and designer brands too. Do you remember Kate Middleton in that Naomi dress? Well, Madderson London will be there, and with up to 70% off!

For more information, the full brand line-up, and to R.S.V.P visit here.


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