17 Mar

Whenever I am nearby a COS I have to pop in. It’s one of my favourite stores for everyday, and right up my street when it comes to timeless and oversized silhouettes. That’s their signature, which works perfectly for me. And co-incidentally it also works perfectly as non-maternity, maternity. I loved shopping their during pregnancy too. It was refreshing to know I wasn’t changing my own signature just because of a bump, and I knew those ‘maternity’ pieces would remained season after season so it was guilt free.

Scandinavian, maybe one of the reasons why I love it so much? (There is something so effortless about Scandinavian style of any genre.) COS is perfect for busy mums that are keen to remain stylish, afford-ably, and with minimal effort. Let ‘s face it, the pre-school run is always going to be hectic, and if you are going straight on to work or events you need easy pieces that can be dressed down and then up, and back again. That’s the great thing about accessories, huh?


Jess x




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