25 Mar

I am a big fan of chunky knits as you know. And it looks like newly pregnant Ferne Cotton might be too. I must admit I’m not totally sure on this specific chunky-knit combination of hers however. For me purple and velvet is a little too 80′s, plus the fact purple is my least favourite hue. When it comes to adding colour or texture I would always rather stick to my accessories. But, as a look I like it. I would just opt for denim on cream or grey.

Laid-back, oversized style is the perfect move if you are pregnant and feeling a little fat over blooming. I also love this kinda thing un-pregnant, if it’s a lazy weekend not up to much and you want to be snugly but retain that stylish edge. Chunky knits and skinny jeans go hand-in-hand. The key is to always remember if you reach for that oversized piece on top, keep it skinny in the leg. And always some kind of point-toe to elongate to the max. Remembering these two simple rules and you need never be scared of over-sizing, even in pregnancy.


Jess x


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