29 Mar

There is something about the perfect white shirt. Men, woman (maternity) and even little ones.  It’s just a timeless piece however you choose to wear it. For such an effortless piece then, why is it so hard to find the perfect one?

For me that perfect one needs to be structured yet retain the softness you only get from the best quality cotton. It can’t be too sheer, or crease at the slightest fold. It also needs to be some kind of boyfriend fit. The same rules apply when shopping for my husband or the girls. (An added criteria for the girls is a ruffle or peter-pan collar.) With all these details in mind, constant searching and shopping, I have come to  realise investment is required. A white shirt is one of those classic wardrobe staples that you have to get right. If you do it will fast become your hero piece.


Jess x

Equipment Margaux cotton shirt

Philip Lim tailored shirt dress @Nine In the mirror

Isabella Oliver Cranleigh Maternity shirt

Anja schwerbrock @Treehouse children's blouse


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