31 Mar

Being a mum of two small children, my shoe wardrobe has become pretty much over-run with flats. No matter how much I love a heel, the flat always seems to win. I just can’t be bothered tottering around in heels with little ones in tow. Time is of the essence as it is.

Luckily there are a wealth of beautiful flat options out there, and actually the flat is just as much high fashion as any stiletto. My pair of Valentino rock studs is case in point.  The current go-to for everyday however is a more basic shoe, a little less high-fashion but just as charming in its own way. Specifically a pair by Eytys, that I have literally lived in since they arrived. They just go. Dress, denim, anything, it’s no matter. Comfortable (the main priority) and stylish, which these days is what a pair of shoes is all about. In that order. I also like the fact Eytys add a little bit of height thanks to their signature flatform-style sole. So when I noticed a new addition, in black leather, I immediately thought about a shoe update. White canvas sneakers are great but they aren’t always the most practical. It’s always a good idea to have something on rotation.


Jess x


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