7 Apr

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break. I headed back to the Suffolk countryside with my family which was blissful. I love going back for a few days, it’s just a totally different pace of life and just what is needed sometimes. I also love it for the girls. Quality time in the countryside cannot be beaten. We literally didn’t have time to turn on the TV, and most importantly we never even miss it.

As with most road trips back home, even though we have a relatively large 4 x 4, there is still always a struggle to squeeze everything in. Dogs, strollers, scooters, cases, presents, the list is endless. You get the picture. So the first thing that has to be sacrificed is the Joolz. As much as I love it, there just isn’t enough room. For the most part, whilst we are away, I know that all we really need is a little push around anyway. Step up Maclaren. I know I have said several times before, and I do still stick to my word that it’s definitely not my first choice stroller and I couldn’t live with it every day. But in this instance it does the job. So I take it all back. Fold-able, compact, quick and easy. And actually, as far as umbrella fold, second buggy’s go, it doesn’t look that bad either?


Jess x

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