13 Apr

There is no time like the present when it comes to investing in those new summer additions. And even more so where little ones and swimming costumes are concerned. Every season when I go to stock up for our Italian summers away, there are never any sizes left in my favourites. Don’t you just hate that? Well, this year, and with two little ones to purchase for, I have vowed to get in there early.

With my most recent quest under-way I came across this really cool children’s boutique, Busy and the Boy, and instantly fell in love with their little swimwear collection. We travel quite a bit as a family and I am always on the look out for cute new cossies for the girls. It’s really hard to find stylish, quality swimwear in season, let alone out of it.

Busy and the Boy’s selection is right up my street. I have already purchased two styles and am more than likely going back for more. And as well as costumes there are some equally as cool little outfits. For those with boys, you will be in your element.


Jess x


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