17 Apr

When it comes to little ones and their skin, especially delicate newborn skin, it’s important to respect that vulnerability. Your baby trusts in you to give them only the very best. They do advise not to give your newborn a bath for the first week or two, instead sticking to a quick top and tail with plain warm water. But when you do give them that first special experience, what’s best when it comes to product?

Personally I will always try to stick to natural and organic baby products wherever possible. If I ever do have to use a perfumed wipe or chemically infused product I immediately notice the effect it has on the skin – red and inflamed. Even where my 3.5 year old is concerned. Natural and organic ranges for kids are a little more expensive granted, but I think those extra pounds are well worth it, don’t you?

Here are some of my favourites, I like to mix and match brands as I have found different ones are good for different things. For the bath, and for older children, I tend to stock up on Childs Farm. Their products are very reasonably priced, and they have lots of different options. Many of which are two-in-one. They also do a lovely travel set for holiday’s. If I want a more luxurious bath, or for new babies, I love Neal’s yard. For a newborns delicate skin I use their baby bath and shampoo. The baby oil is also a lovely softening moisturiser for hydration. When it comes to protection cream, or for nappy rash, my new favourite is from the Le Sophie range. SLG cosmetics have a gorgeous new baby skincare range that is all natural and organic. Their baby protection cream has even been hailed as the new miracle cream amongst the beauty A-list. So it’s a nappy bag must-have, great for all the family. I have also just brought their baby oil to try out on my one year old as she has been getting really dry skin in certain areas. I’m excited to see how it works.


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