15 Jun

Even before I was pregnant I have always been a little obsessed with baby changing bags. I working on the design and development of a luxury said accessories brand, way before the market even thought about taking off. Now, five years later and two babies down, the world of baby bags has become a lot more mainstream. Just like the regular accessories market there is pretty much a style, colour, shape and price-point, to suit any new mum (or dad) to be. However the majority of these brands are still very much baby inspired. A little too colourful, a little too Mumzy. So still, I get excited when something extra-ordinary and ultra-luxurious comes along.

Enter Jem + Bea. Launching later this year, Jem + Beu looks set to give even my most popular baby-bag brands something to be concerned about. Those mums-to-be that are still very much wary of any kind of changing bag, this is for you. I think you may just find Gem + Bea too hard to resist, no matter how strongly your style credentials are telling you otherwise…

I have yet to touch, feel or experience this bag first hand. But from what I see I would very much like to. How about you?


Jess x 

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