29 Jul

I wasn’t 100% sure about the off-the-shoulder look at first. Perhaps a little too bohemian for my style, and definitely not something I was dying to add to my wardrobe. But as with all these things, you never know before you try. On this occasion I was actually pleasantly surprised.

Looking further into the trend, and now knowing it can work with my more minimal style, I have started to notice more and more off-shoulder pieces I am wanting to add. Although I am still thinking sensibly. As with most trends, it’s best not to get too carried away. Sticking to just one or two more classic versions of a style is probably best. I have to date picked out a lace three-quartered sleeve white off-the-shoulder top that will be perfect with jeans or culottes. It can also be carried into Autumn/Winter with leather and suede.

Whatever it may be for you, there is always room for a little fun. The question is, is it a steal or a deal? If you are looking with maternity in mind, definitely stick to the deal.

Love Jess x

Top, here and here maternity top here

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