4 Aug

As you know I am a huge Joolz fan. When it comes to baby transportation for me my Joolz wins hands down. I have worked a lot with this brand through my blog and was even lucky enough to receive a brand new Studio Noir when my second daughter arrived. So you may think I’m biased. However, I’m still using it 16 months in and not for one second have I thought of changing. Or even though about going back to my original Bugaboo Chameleon. Need I say more?  However, I do always keep my eyes and ears open to what’s new out there in the market, and one newbie has really caught my eye. Purely from a looks point of view – I must emphasise this. I have yet to experience, or even see one in the flesh. Introducing Egg.

Sleek, stylish and streamline the Babystyle Egg is definitely a strong new contender in the ever-evolving stroller market. As a mum-to-be your travel system is one of the most exciting parts of baby prep, everyone wants to know ‘what you are driving’ and pram envy really does exist. So lets add fuel to the fire and chuck something new and exciting into the mix. What do you think?


Jess x


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