20 Aug

I don’t know about you, but I am actually a little fussy when it comes to my children’s tableware. As soon as it’s time to start weaning one of the most exciting parts is investing in new tableware. Weaning is a messy and often stressful business so it’s important to add a little bit of fun wherever you can. A sweet tableware set is actually a fun way of making mealtimes more exciting. Especially if said set features a favourite story or children’s character.

Although a pretty obvious and necessary part of new motherhood, children’s tableware is actually a bit of a minefield. There are so many different offerings it’s hard to know where to start. With a first child you will find yourself purchasing all the latest weaning must-haves. With the excitement of a first child gone, second time, things are a little less frantic. All you really need is one good set. A bowl, plate, two-handled beaker and spoon. I prefer the melamine styles, purely for their aesthetic (and practical) appeal. Something non-ugly and plastic that will sit well in my kitchen. There is lots of choice on-line and in store. However, when it comes to design things get a little more tricky. Call me a tableware snob but I’m not into garish ‘children’s designs’, or Tesco 2 for 3 offers. Thankfully I stumbled across Bird Kids who have a great range by Petit Jour. Also be sure to check out – The Love Mae designs are just so divine – I’m starting to regret my choices.

For the girls I have two different themed sets. Peter Rabbit (it’s a favourite bedtime story in our household) and Mouk – This collection started after receiving a starter set from a like-minded family member. Each child has their own character which makes it a little more organised. A (now 4) loves to set the table and is very careful to make sure herself and her sister have the correct dinner set. Thanks to Birdkids, as the girls grow and hone their eating skills, I can add new pieces. A proper cutlery set, tumblers and even a first mug for babyccino’s.





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