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Both my girls have been always been dressed at night in a sleeping bag. As soon as they grew out of swaddling it was the obvious transition. Snug and cosy in the winter, tucked up in a thick quilted version. Snug and light-weight in the summer, in a 1 tog.

Up until now I have always looked to aden + anais for those summer weight styles. Especially whilst abroad. They have always been the coolest thanks to that ultra-thin muslin layer. Other summer-weight brands always seem too thick, even if essentially they are designed for the same temperatures. I guess that’s down to the material? The same quilted feel just a little lighter. For me they never worked and my little ones would always still be too hot.

New on my radar however, thanks to their PR, are The Gro Company. I have always been aware of this brand, more so for the famous grow clock. (That’s for another blog. But if you have a tricky toddler when it comes to sleep time and time-to-get-up time, you need one!) Now so, for their summer weight sleeping bags. I was recently sent one for baby E and have been very impressed. The light cotton material is finally one comparable to muslin, so just as efficient as my cult favourite it seems. We have actually been using it these last few nights as baby has been ill, suffering with a temperature. This has been the perfect solution at night. A sleeping bag is part of her bed time routine and this way we can still keep on track. She has been sleeping inside, in just her nappy and vest. Keeping cool yet remaining cosy.

I have also discovered the Gro Company have a wealth of other sleep and sleep-safe products for little ones. The Gro Hush looks pretty cool. I have always sworn by white noise. If you haven’t already,  be sure to check them out here.


Jess x

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