15 Sep

I never thought I would have such a problem finding girls shoes. The market is a-wash with some adorable brands and stores – my favourites include Papouelli, Max and May and a latest discovery, online boutique, I adore little feet. We are also lucky as we visit Italy a lot. Need I say more? One thing is for sure my eldest daughter was, and still is, spoilt for choice when it comes to footwear.

Upon the news of hearing number two was also a girl, I was thrilled to discover my shoe addiction could be passed on. Number two would have a ready-made shoe collection. It made me feel completely guiltless for purchasing mini-Prada.  However, the reality was soon crushed upon realising that my second daughter would probably never get to wear any of them. Thanks to a high instep, she has a G width fitting. There is no amount of squashing or squeezing in. So from her first pair of shoes, to first walkers, and now beyond. Shoe shopping has become a very stressful situation.

When it comes to a wide fitting shoe it appears all sense of style or choice is lost, especially when you come to winter. One is really not spoilt for choice. I can’t even squeeze her into a Converse. The only real destination it seems is Startrite. (Or Clarks. Yuk.) . Don’t get me wrong Startrite actually have some really lovely styles, my favourites fall under the classics section. They are also perfect for school shoes. But hardly any of my favourite styles come in that wide, G fitting. I have been informed that the best style for a wide foot is something with a T-bar, but there are only about three T-bar styles offered. Unless you like something embellished or slightly geeky looking there is really only one choice. I am just about resided to Bubble in navy. It’s a sweet, classic and non-offensive style available in the G width, that should go with most things. (Although the pink petal detail does hider this slightly. They should have just made it plain?)

Before I bite the bullet however, i’m wondering if anyone can help? I resent the fact that online there is basically zero choice for a wide-sized girls foot. Am I missing something??


Jess x


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