22 Sep

Much to the probable annoyance of those dragons, Trunki has become a household name. We own one, and the same goes for pretty much everyone I know that has small children and travels. However, personally, they are actually more of a hindrance than a help. That cute airport ride-on, that’s designed to make travelling with children easier and fun, is far from it. Perhaps if you could pull them around corners and they didn’t fall over at the first hurdle I wouldn’t be so anti. But for now the Trunki is definitely more fun for children than it is for parents. Subsequently our Trunki has been ‘broken’ for a while now. Whenever we travel we just organise all our hand luggage into two normal wheely bags, and a stroller for tired legs. My eldest daughter is more than happy to pull a grown up case and travelling is as stress-free as can be.

However, I have just been introduced to the new Samsonite children’s range of bags and luggage which is tempting me to re-evaluate. It’s about time the girls had their own ‘proper‘ cases. And a pull-along (I think) is a far more sensible idea than any ride-on. I love the iconic Mini Mouse design, and how cute that there is a little and large version! This is perfect for us as little sister is insistent on doing everything the same as big sister. I’m not usually a fan of anything Disney/cartoon related but, this is very inoffensive and actually rather cool. The girls will love it and mummy’s happy too. Samsonite is the luggage don, where quality and style go hand in hand, so this new children’s collection will be no exception. Check out their full range. There are also school bags and matching little toiletry cases. Designs for the boys too. I will look away, but Elsa also features.


Jess x



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