2 Nov

Last weekend A and I were invited to an exclusive party, to celebrate 20 years of Monsoon Kids. Held at the Tower of London, upon arrival we were transported into a magical woodland world. There were many highlights from the day and the face painting was out of this world. I could never imagine a more beautiful unicorn! Just for fun A and I decided to wear matching Monsoon looks. Not something I would usually do, but it seemed more than appropriate on this occasion, and actually rather a cute idea.

Celebrations aside, we got to view some of their new season pieces. I fell in love with several of their party looks and will definitely be picking something for both the girls to wear at one of our many Christmas events. And when it comes to accessories, well don’t get me started. Monsoon and accessorize is every little girls dream, and very reasonably priced, which is great new for parents. I have definitely ear-marked a few stocking fillers. Although we got so many gifts within our goody bag I’m not sure we need anything else. The Unicorn cross-body bag was such a lovely added touch too.


Jess x

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