4 Nov

So we may only just have made it into November, and you may feel it’s still too early to be really thinking about Christmas, but seeing as it’s my favourite time of year I can’t wait to get thinking, planning and buying! Plus, there are actually only seven weekends left. When you look at it like that?

First up it’s the girls. There is SO much inspiration out there, it really is necessary to have a good think before going full steam ahead. As with everything else, I like to buy fewer more quality gifts. Toys that I know will remain post-Christmas, rather than ones that will quickly become a lost interest. I am also a little bit of a toy snob and will always search out wooden toys over any of the plastic variety. So with longevity (and quality) in mind, that definitely rules out a Frozen freeze spray sleeve.

My eldest daughter is four and just loves anything creative. The majority of her spare time is spent reading, drawing or crafting. She is also really into role play. So something along these lines is top of the list. I have seen a wonderful magic board that I think she would just love, and I’m also considering some cooking accessories to go with her wooden play kitchen. When it comes to stocking fillers I’ve already decided on a personalised mini-basket by edit.58. (With pink embroidery.) Another thing she is really into at the moment is unicorns. But I have yet to find anything inspiring along that line. If you have any ideas let me know!?

For the little one, well that is super-easy. She is obsessed with the washing machine so what could be better than her own mini version? I love all the cute little washing accessories that come with this divine wooden style by Le Toy Van. There is nothing to rival it and I know she will be in heaven washing her beloved bunny over and over. Whenever he goes missing nine times out of ten he’s found hidden in the washing machine! She will also be getting her own mini-basket, because whatever her sister has she wants too. I also thought these would be perfect for our trip to Thailand in the new year. Matching beach bags. Too cute!

Both girls will also be getting new pyjamas and slippers. That’s our own little Christmas tradition and we open these on Christmas eve.

If you come across anything else you think we might like, please let me know!


Jess x

Kukkia Magic board £49.95

Honeybake wooden mixer set £27.25

Edit.58 personalised mini basket £22

Wooden washing machine set £69.95


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