25 Nov

I have been thinking a lot about what I might like for Christmas. My husband asked me the other day and I must admit I wasn’t really too sure. As a ‘mum’ there isn’t really anything too specific that I fancy. Previously, and as Mumzynot started out as a proper mummy blog, I would have endless gift ideas all baby related. Now, the girls are getting bigger and all those mum-type gifts are no longer part of the equation. However, being a girl, not just a mum, there are a few things I wouldn’t mind discovering under the tree come Christmas morning.

First on the list, Loquet. I won’t go into to much detail about this beautiful jewellery range as it’s already been featured in a previous blog post. But as far as gifts go it’s a special one. And something I have been thinking about for quite some time after discovering it via Nine in the Mirror. Understated and timeless. If you know about Loquet, it too is probably your dream jewellery piece. It also happens to be a lovely ‘mum’ gift idea too by the way. Imagine being presented with this after having a baby, filled with that special initial and birth stone…

Second and most obvious would be a new handbag. As a new mum you relish in the delight of that first baby changing bag. Two down the line and you can’t wait to get rid. So used to having a huge carry-all, I now look for any opportunity to switch to a smaller style. Using a clutch bag or little cross-body is just so refreshing. The Chloe Drew or Gucci’s Soho are top of that list.

Luxury gift items aside, I could really do with some new perfume. My signature scent is Chanel’s Coco. I wore this on my wedding day and it always brings such happy memories when I smell that smell. It also reminds me of holidays, mainly due to the fact that the airport is the perfect place to pick some up.


Jess x



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