15 Dec

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. The few months pre-Christmas are literally my busiest time of year. My business, selling traditional and wooden children’s toys, so that kind of makes sense! I am so looking forward to some time off over Christmas and New Year. I will be heading back re-fuelled and re-charged for an exciting 2016. Gosh that sounds funny doesn’t it. Seems like 2006 only the other day.

Anyway, time being precious, a blog update from me needed to be motivated by something exciting and extra special. And it is. Joolz, my most recommended stroller/travel-system of all time, held a little press event a month or two back of which I was lucky enough to attend. Said event unveiled some very exciting new accessories which until recently have been embargoed. Now the embargo is lifted and I can reveal all.

Luxe, stylish and practical. The new Joolz accessories are long awaited. First up,  the car seat. I only wish this had been available a year or so ago. And finally something to rival the go-to, Maxi-cosi. It’s way better looking for one. Perfectly designed to compliment the Joolz stroller, the new Joolz IZI go modular by Be Safe is the perfect addition for a ‘safe, stylish and comfortable ride’. With the car seat also comes the introduction of the most gorgeous range of organic nursery accessories. I am especially taken with the swaddle. Soft and cosy, this can be strapped into the car/seat and removed, with baby still inside so as not to disturb their sleep. The perfect nest for babies first trip home from the hospital, and beyond. Joolz have also launched a travel case which is a must-have for those that travel. Such a precious travel-system deserves to be encased and protected. I don’t know about you but I would never allow my stroller to travel in a planes hold without being in a case.

So there you have it. Something definitely worth sharing right there. Unfortunately the new Joolz accessories aren’t available until early Spring 2016. Although this will come around before we know it. So for all those with due dates around this time, lucky you!


Jess x


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