6 Jan

So it’s here, 2016! Happy New Year! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and celebrated the NY in style. Even if it was just with a delicious supper and some champagne at home with friends and family. As parents this is more often than not the case when it comes to NYE, no?

Now that 2016 is in full swing it’s time to start thinking about what is planned for the year ahead, and what resolutions, if any, to make. It’s usually a good idea to choose things that are attainable. I have learnt this from experience. My main resolution is to be more organised. in fact this is my main resolution each year. I have discovered that the more children you have the more important organisation is. Throw into the mix running your own business and it becomes imperative. I have invested in a beautiful new diary as my first step. Smythson do the most gorgeous diaries. I have found the handbag size to be best, so that your diary can be with you at all times. Another resolution is not to say yes to everything. I hate letting people down and so will always try to do everything I am asked, socially and work related. However, I am learning that it’s really not possible to do everything and generally people are more than understanding if you say no. Better that than being let down at the last minute when I realise I have double booked.

In a couple of weeks we are off for our annual family winter sun and, in-keeping with my resolution to be more organised, I have decided to start packing now. With three sets of outfits to plan and three cases to pack, I don’t want to be left with the usual last-minute-packing-panic. I have already found that most of the girls summer wardrobe is too small, especially their swimwear. With time to spare I can take advantage of the sales. Our favourite children’s swimwear collection SunUVA have a great sale, as do many of our other favourite brands. I usually end up in the same places each January. We will be having a babysitter for the evenings so thankfully all that the girls really need is beachwear and a few dresses for the occasional early evening drinks, if they are not too tired. I will definitely be packing those beautiful Monsoon dresses! We also need some sandals. I love the Sun-San Salt-water collection – stylish and also great for the beach. They are also perfect for the wider fitting foot (Evelyn) thanks to the adjustable front strap.

When it comes to mummy and her holiday wardrobe, well that’s a whole different story. There are a couple of items I am coveting. And the bikini’s by Marysia swim are top-pick. I spotted this particular style over at Nine in the Mirror and I’m smitten.


Jess x

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