8 Jan

,There are many different lotions and potions in my bathroom cabinet but, like most of you i’m guessing, there are only a select few that I really couldn’t live without. Some are cult favourites, others are just my own personal recommendation. Skincare + beauty. Here’s my routine.

First up cleanse, tone and moisturise. I have always been a Clarins girl, but recently I switched skincare to Jurlique. My love affair with Jurlique began on a trip to Australia about five years ago, where I was introduced to rose water mist. I have been using it ever since, a bottle even came in my hospital bag. The first thing I did (not literally) after giving birth was drench my face in it. A moments heaven and instantly refreshing. Recently, after working with the brand through Mumzynot I have been introduced to several other products within their range, and have now switched completely over to Jurlique within my basic skincare regime. I love the rose collection and have found it to be a real boost to my dull and tired winter skin. It also smells just delicious. Rose moisture plus, moisturing cleanser, is perfect for my skintype which is slightly dry. It’s a foaming cleanser which is something I also like. I just feel like its really working on my skin to clear away the days make-up and impurities. Next up Rose Water Mist which acts as a toner, no cotton buds required. Finally Rose Moisture plus with antioxidant complex. A light and revitalising gel lotion that doesn’t clog pores and leaves my skin super-soft and glowing as well as acting as an antioxidant barrier. It’s a pretty simple and basic morning ritual which is perfect for a busy mum. At night I will introduce a fourth step, applying Estee Lauder’s advanced night repair. I keep the pot by my bed so as not to forget. Anything to try and combat the wrinkles.

When it comes to daily beauty I also like to keep things simple. If I am just working from home, or have a play-date, I tend not to even bother with make-up. I think it’s good to let your skin breath as much as possible. (I will however apply Touche Eclait under my eyes. That is imperative (!) especially if I have had a bad night with the little ones.) For busy  days where I am out and about I like to use Chanel ultra-light skin perfecting make-up which contains SPF 15. I’m not a fan of heavy make up and hate foundation so this is perfect. It’s ultra light and water based. Not good if you have really bad skin as it doesn’t really provide much coverage, but perfect for giving a nice smooth and even skin-tone. I have used many different types of foundation and this is by far my favourite. I may try something new but always go back. Touche which I have already mentioned goes under the eyes and is a god send, a sweep of my new Charlotte Tilbury eye pencil and occasionally some shadow. Ta-da! I must point our here, if you have yet to use the Charlotte Tilbury range you really must. It’s amazing. A friend gave me an eyshadow and pencil duo for Christmas and I am hooked. They do different shades to match eye colour, I don’t know what it is but it’s fabulous. I have brown eyes and love this alternative to black which can be a little severe for a daytime look. I don’t always apply the shadow instead saving this for a more dramatic evening look. My aim now is to fill my entire make-up case with Charlotte Tilbury.

So that’s it, my can’t-live-without’s when it comes to skincare and beauty. What are yours?


Jess x

P.S I forgot to mention hand cream. I get through tubes of the stuff and my current favourite is Jo Malone’s Vitamin E hand treatment.




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