15 Sep

Mama Owl is my new obsession. The most gorgeous collection of childrenswear featuring some adorable and unique brands for ages 0-8 years old. I just spotted they are now stockists of Minamalisa for example. Those silk seamless bodies are a dream and they go up to age 6, which is such a rarity. Organic designs and merino wool are also in abundance. Perfect if you are starting to think about AW.

Other favourites from their collection include Misha and puff (the popcorn sweaters!) and Poudre Organic. I really struggle to find collared bodies and tops for the girls. For some reason once they reach two years old designers ones decide they aren’t allowed to wear pretty frill collars. Thankfully Poudre Organic has my similar thinking – that a pinafore dress or dungarees looks way cuter with a frill collar underneath, even on a five year old.

Mama owl is a little more expensive that the high street, but I always prefer to invest in a few classic, key pieces, for each season, that I can then mix with cheaper styles. I like to shop for the girls in a similar was as I do for myself.

The collection is predominantly uni-sex  by the way. I mention frill collars but there are no ‘Girl’ or ‘Boy’ categories to shop. I like that gender neutral vibe, it’s pretty cool. The boys styling is just as adorable as the girls.

Shop Mama Owl here.

Love Jess x


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