29 Sep

My first daughter has lovely slim feet, and can literally wear any kind of shoe. She has quite the collection in-fact. So when I found out I was having another girl I was pleased to think that these could then be handed down. It made me feel a lot less guilty for all those purchases. However, when Evelyn was fitted for her first pair of shoes I was gutted to discover that her feet were going to be far to wide for any of her sisters beautiful hand-me-downs.

Nevermind I thought, that’s a good excuse for me to invest in her very own shoe collection. Little did I know that it would be literally IMPOSSIBLE to find anything remotely stylish in a G width. Unless I wanted to spend upwards of £70. Literally the only brand worth considering has been Startrite. In fact I think I can conclude from my endless internet searches, and visits to children’s shoes shops, that in-fact Startrite shoes, and Clarks, are the ONLY offering when it comes to wide-fitting children’s shoes. And even then it is very limited. (I hate anything with sequins, or butterflys, or a babyish pattern.) No other brands seem to even address the width issue with their designs. They only offer one size?

Why?! From exploring various mum blogs and forums I can see that there are literally thousands of parents desperate for wide fitting children’s shoes, that are actually nice, and also affordable. I’m talking £30-£40 max. There are beautiful brands such a Young Soles London but the prices, for me, and I would like to say the majority of parents, are just too steep. Not when they will no longer fit after six months.

So. help!? I want a pair of rose gold boots, or classic T-bar shoes, in a G width. Something like below, which are Young Soles London and just beautiful. But are £70. I don’t think they will fit her anyway? If they did, thinking about it, maybe, actually I would. They are beautiful and would go with everything…


Jess x


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