26 Oct

I don’t know about you but I have found that as soon as Annabella turned three our favourite high street stores; Zara, Mango, Gap Kids just decided to give up? Their collections, bar a few pieces, went down hill, in terms of both quality and style. As a result I have been forced to do all my shopping for her online. Thankfully there are a wealth of adorable independent children’s boutiques out there. And I am constantly discovering new ones.

Old favourites include Greenberry kids, Ali Oli, Mama Owl to name a few. I have also recently discovered so exciting new boutiques including the much anticipated Outside the lines. A lot of these independent children’s clothing boutiques are a little more expensive than the high street, which I am OK with as I prefer quality over quantity. However Outside the lines offer unique and stylish clothing for older girls (and younger ones) that is also extremely affordable. Their small debut AW collection launched just a few weeks ago and already I am lusting after a few of their key pieces for Annabella, including that brenton stripe top. I love the gold collar detail!


Jess x


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